Ann & Jerry Stuart
2130 Silo Road
Festus, MO

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Jade’s Standard Poodle Puppies

Jade and Shane gave us a surprise litter—–none of the puppies were apricot or red.  We have 2 black males and 2 brown males and they are just darling puppies.  We put them out in the yard the other day with Whitney’s litter.  They were a little scared at first because Whitney’s puppies are over a month older and quite a bit larger.  But in a few minutes they were playing together.  We are asking $800 for them.  Please call me for details.




Whitney’s Standard Poodle Puppies

Whitney and Shane gave us a beautiful litter of puppies……reds, apricots, and a cream.  They are now 3 months old and eating us out of house and home.  They have received two puppy shots and been wormed 3 times.  They couldn’t be healthier or happier puppies.  We are now asking $800 for them.  Please call me for details.